Taste the ultimate roasted juice with real natural raw

Cooking and eating natural life at home is hard.
Natural raw simmered soup that can hardly be tasted at home.
Honmaru is delicious all year round!

Beard roots are toasted!

Let's bake yam mustache root on stove. Roll small items on a rice cake net and bake them to get the mustache root easily.

Genuine proof, peeling!

Genuine yam is thin skin. The flavor and energy that are important for the skin and acu are packed. Wild flavor and aku are genuine proof.

Use the whole thing as much as possible!

Lightly wash the skin with a sardine etc. to remove the moisture. Use the neck with strong ak and the whole thing with less ak as much as possible.

Sticky and rich!

If you carefully stretch it as you mix it in a mortar, the more you stretch it, the more sticky and rich it will come out.

Grind 3-5 times!

★ This is the true value of real natural life!
It is a dark soup that is thicker than the soup, and it is added little by little to the mash. (With individual differences and taste)

The real pleasure of sipping!

There are individual differences and preferences, but just the good soro soup is that half of it is on barley rice, half of it is soaked in rice, and simmered in flavor.