Our efforts to prevent the completion and expansion of the new coronavirus


Thank you for using our store.
At our store, as a measure to prevent the expansion of the new Corona Will, a measure to reduce the risk of infection
We are taking the following measures

Installation of antiseptic solution
Alcoholic disinfectant is installed near the entrance of the store and when entering the store
We ask for your cooperation in disinfecting your hands with alcohol.

Ventilation assistance in the store
Installation of natural ventilation, exhaust and air purifier Installation of humidifier

Space creation
To avoid close contact and close contact at a new distance
The sense of the table is fully separated to ensure safety.

During June, you will be watching the situation, but we usually do business.

Monday noon Normal business
Tuesday Noon Normal business
Wednesday holidays
Thursday Noon Normal business
Friday Day Normal business Night Normal business
Saturday Day Normal business Night Normal business
Sunday Noon Normal business Night Normal business
Business hours: 11:00 to 13:30 noon, 17:00 to 19:30 noon

*Take out will be closed for a while.Take out will start as soon as renewal is possible.

For more information, please contact the store
We are waiting for all the staff of your visit