Scheduled to open in January 2023


January 2023

1st (Sun) Closed

2nd (Monday) Noon…Night…Open

3rd (Tuesday) Noon…Night…Open

4th (Wednesday) Noon: Open Night: Closed

5th (Thursday) Noon: Open Night: Closed

6th (Fri) Noon: Open Night: Closed

7th (Sat) Noon…Night…Open

8th (Sun) Noon…Night…Open

I would like to update the schedule up to this point.

thank you

Reservations cannot be made during the New Year holidays. Thank you.

Attention ⚠️ It will be in order after the number of people is the same.

Please refrain from taking seats.

About using the store Thank you for your cooperation in shortening the time.

Thank you for your understanding in order to prevent infection.